mindfuzz compact silicon

mindfuzz compact silicon

Surfadelic Soundwaves
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€139,00 EUR
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The same vibe you get from my germanium equipped pedals but with more bite and aggressiveness to the sound.

After realising that many people are afraid of sliders (not a typo) and that pedalboard real-estate is very important to many guitarists, the compact version of the surfadelic soundwaves: mindfuzz came about.

Then, after realising that we are slowly but surely running out of nice NOS germanium transistors, I decided to try a silicon transistor version and the results are spectacular, this one sounds great!

Based on the legendary FF from the 1960's, the surfadelic soundwaves: mindfuzz offers all the goods of the original circuit: rich harmonics, great dynamics and amazing clean-up.

Compared to the original circuit it was based upon, it is voiced to, at all times, sound full yet cut through any mix!


FUZZ: covers a wide range of sounds from slight boost to edgy ovedrive to sweet distortion to full-blown fuzz.

FILTER: cuts the bass frequencies in order for your instrument to sit in the mix

LOUDNESS: loud / louder / loudness

Power it with a standard center negative 9V DC power supply or 9V battery.

True-bypass switching with LED indicator.